June - August 2021


Food Program Innovation

My Role:

Visual Design Intern




Throughout the 11 weeks, my role as a visual design intern is to support the Food Program Innovation Team, working closely with product managers, engineering teams, and collaborating with other designers. Rather than working on a singular intern project, I worked on a series of design tasks.

My work for this internship is protected under Non-Disclosure Agreement, please contact me for more details!


working in a cross-functional team - Communicating effectively among the team helps to reduce knowledge gap and understand the feasibility constraints as well as the product goals.

understanding the context and constraints - Jumping into the design without fully understand the context and engineering constraints, I found out that some of my design decisions have low technical feasibility.

never hesitate to ask - In a remote setting, effective communication skills are more important than ever. I learned the importance to actively Slack my manager and co-workers whenever I have questions.

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