Diveristy & Inclusion: Digitized Portrayal of Self-Identity


Spring 2020 RAW Expo, Cornell Medium Design Collective

pinback buttons, color printing / 1" x 1"


RAW Expo is an interactive space connecting attendees with organizations, project teams, and creators all across the Cornell campus. For this year's RAW, we are focusing on diversity & inclusion and how do forms of belonging come into being through art and design.

Developing knowledge of diversity and inclusion requires self-recognition of personal identity. Our goal is to create a unique experience for our attendees to evoke thoughts and dialogue about diversity and inclusion. Inspired by Giorgia Lupi's Data Portraits at TED, we decided to design and generate a data-driven button for each of our attendees based on their answers to the following 4 questions:

1. You would rather have the ability to...

  • Ctrl+F (Search)
  • Ctrl+Z (Undo)

2. You would rather...

  • see a day in the future
  • change a day in the past

3. You tend to be more of a...

  • visionary
  • realist

4. In regard to boundaries, you...

  • cross ’em
  • stay inside in the lines
  • tread on the line
final_design button
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