June - August 2020


Yuxuan Chen
Megan Chang
Jalil Evans (Design Lead)

My Role:

Product Design Intern


Origami Studio


Bloom is a startup with a mission to help leaders of organizations to build tight-knit communities through the power of human connection. It provides a web platform for community members to build deep and meaningful relationships by scheduling 1:1 meetups for users based on their interests and commonalities. In the initial product launch, the client is ColorStack, a non-profit organization that supports Black and Latinx college students pursuing technical careers.

As a product design intern at Bloom, I was tasked to design the website interfaces and a chat feature that enables instant-messaging between users.


designing for clients - I learned to design meaningful user-centric products by collecting and reflecting on information from the client to help us better understand their real needs.

knowing what i don't know - After 8 weeks of designing and growing in a startup environment, I have a much clear sense of what areas do I need to improve on, what should I learn, and which skills should I focus on.

taking initiative and being proactive - As working in a remote setting, I learned the importance to actively reach out to others for design feedback and set up work sessions with my teammates to keep each other accountable.

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